Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Afghan Ronny: Sharpshooter

Today I qualified as a Navy sharpshooter on the M-16 rifle course. I hit 33/40 pop-up targets at distances ranging 75-300 meters. I might have scored higher and earned the designation of rifle expert, but a few of the targets were dark and set in the shade of the innumerable scrub pine trees here. I did not even see a few of them. Additionally, the range controller, who speaks to the firing lanes from his tower through loudspeakers and controls the safety and flow of the shooting, spoke with a think Southern accent and at times garbled his words worse than Charlie Brown's teacher, leaving many wondering more than a few times exactly where we were to direct our fire.


Helena said...

Wow, sounds like you need some jambalaya after all of that hard work. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself and learning some true skills!

Anonymous said...

Excuses, excuses...loser.