Sunday, February 24, 2008

Machine Gun Ronny: Part II

I'm having trouble uploading another video that shows me prone firing the 249 machine gun, but hope to have it up soon. The round in the 249 is the same as that shot in the M-16 rifle, but the 249 sustains a much greater rate of fire. (Hence the designation as machine gun.) The gun has a metal loop on the stock which fits atop the shooter’s shoulder to assist in stabilizing the weapon. At the end of the video you will see me trying to extract the loop from a carabineer on my flak jacket, where it hooked when I put the gun into my shoulder. I’m glad I didn’t drag the gun off the firing line with me. Also, you may notice that, after I finish firing, I put my head down before I opened the lid to the feeding tray of the gun. That precaution ensures that I will not be face-down in an explosion if a faulty round in the gun discharges as cool air rushes into the ammunition chamber.

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